Updating blackberry operating system version

I Put some songs on my computer from my Cd then i transfered them to my blackberry curve 8520 and its not letting me listen to them it just keeps saying "The media beind played uses an unsupported DRM " How wuld i get to lsten to my songs with out downloading them ???

Hey, I got a problem: when I run it connects and all, but on the application list it only shows the current applications installed and none of the updates so when I click next it shows me there are no actions required and doesn't upgrade.

Black Berry has officially announced the launch of the much anticipated OS 10.3.1 today, and as we all know, an over the air (OTA) upgrade availability is subject to carrier certification and approval.

So what if you’re among the unlucky ones and your carrier hasn’t released this update as of yet? Here is a method which enables you to update your device to the latest version, in the event your carrier has not released the update.

Previous OS here: put songs from a cd on to my comp then transfer them to my bb curve8250 and it not letting me listen to them it keep saying (The Media Being Played Uses An Unsupported DRM) how do i get the songs to work ??

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Updating Wirelessly (OTA)Updating with Blackberry Desktop Software on Windows Updating with Blackberry Desktop Software on Mac OS XTroubleshooting Blackberry Updates Community Q&A Blackberry releases software updates regularly to enhance the performance and functionality of its many devices.

The Black Berry Storm is available now from Verizon Wireless, and was recently cut to with a two-year contract.

This model has mobile broadband and Bluetooth, but not Wi-Fi.

Each OS is linked to the corresponding post where information about that OS can be found, along with instructions on how to upgrade and backup your Black Berry.

If the Official OS is higher or the same as the Leaked OS, the Leaked OS will not be hyperlinked and it will have a line through it. For older OS versions browse through the Operating System Updates category. Visit the official Black Berry Software Downloads page and browse through the various carriers.

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