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It seems incredible that life after boxing can be tough.

For me, retiring from a profession where you’re continually punched in the face would be a godsend, yet for some of the world’s greatest fighters it’s remarkably hard to settle down into a normal life. Giving up the bright lights of Las Vegas, the adrenaline of going to battle, the atmosphere of thousands chanting your name, is undoubtedly going to come as a bit of a shock.

The former WBA Heavyweight Champion hasn't let that get him down though.

Haye has often talked about acting and has become a prominent figure in the media featuring on chat shows such as Loose Women, and has even been taking part in the Full Tilt Poker Rush Challenge.

LOS ANGELES — When a live microphone caught Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes whispering "she's beautiful" about a brunette stenographer earlier this week, the only person who looked as embarrassed as Hayes was the stenographer.

The woman blushed later when she identified herself as Debra Bollman, and anonymity has ended for her and her colleagues.

Then he moved, with his two brothers, to London in 1976 and began a career as a session musician.

Prince Naseem Hamed Naz has certainly been enjoying some aspects of his retirement since calling it a day back in 2002.

The stenographers who work for ASAP Sports, a transcription service based in New York, have become darlings of this year's NCAA tournament — and not just for Hayes.

The official transcripts, like Hayes' priceless moment, have gone viral.

Re-living the terrifying ordeal as he drove home from work, he said: "I nearly had a heart attack when it first happened.

It was pretty scary."I was distracted by a man who was hiding behind a tree.

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