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This resulted in the alter ego known as Stefan Urquelle, played by Jaleel White in more casual attire and with a smoother delivery. Cool," Urkel devised the ultimate plan to win Laura's heart: transforming his DNA using a serum called "Cool Juice" to suppress his "nerd" genes and bring out his "cool" genes.Let’s talk about his career expedition as an actor he initiated his acting career in the year 1989 with appearing in the movie titled ‘The Toxic Avenger Part II’.All the audiences hugely appreciated his performance in the movie. The trio will appear as a group of married men who can’t piece together their wild night out, the morning after.When a young woman is found murdered in the men’s hotel suite, Five-0 must help the friends, played by Shore, White and Farley, get over their massive hangover and retrace their previous night to find the killer.are freaking out right now because Alex Standall and Justin Foley may be dating in real life.And by Alex and Justin we mean actors Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn.

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White went on to become the voice actor for Sonic the Hedgehog in several television adaptations of the video game franchise.

Initially, Laura is enamored with Stefan (as all the other girls are).

Some aspects of Steve's normal personality remain, such as calling Carl "Big Guy" (though he uses a shorthand version of it, "B. Stefan also revealed that his own parents showered him with love and introduced him to his other relatives (which is something they would never do with Steve).

He has since guest-starred on shows such as Psych, NCIS, House, and Dancing With the Stars.

He starred in the 2010 Sy Fy movie Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus.

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