Invalidating a session in jsf

package; import So if you have landed directly here, you should check that out.

login, logout and denied URIs are used to send corresponding response pages when secured URL is requested.

1)When you are clicking on back button on browser you are getting previous page because of browser cache.

2)When you are clicking on any page after backing you are getting status 500 because there is null pointer exception because of session object is invalidate already.

Plus, those headers are still incomplete and not crossbrowser compatible.

See also the answer in the duplicate [email protected]: see question's edit history.

Authentication mechanism allows users to have secure access to the application by validating the username and password. Step 5: Now create the Login DAO java class as below.

invalidating a session in jsf-11

Login Page Authentication Error Page Login Success Page Accessing admin.xhtml while logged in Just click on the Logout link and the session will be invalidated, after that try to access admin.xhtml page and you will be redirected to the login page, go ahead and download the project from below link and try it out.

Just create a dynamic web project and convert it to maven to get the project stub and then keep on adding different components.package com.beans; import

If the username and password does not match an error message is displayed as “Incorrect username and password” . Data Connect; public class Login DAO package com.filter; import

Step 9: Create Once done with all the steps specified above run the application and see the following output in the browser.

In the do Filter method we will redirect user to login page if he tries to access other page without logging in.

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