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Data merge is great when you have to lay out a document (or part of a document) that has a "prototype example" (repetitive layout) that needs to be repeated in a grid or one record per page with different data.

Such documents could be: We need to create a prototype, in In Design, of the layout we want to use in the data merge process. It has the name of the product, its picture, a short description, the price, and a barcode. You can create it with Excel, Numbers, Open Office, or any similar application.

Screen Updating = True End Sub I want each sheet in the new file to take the name of its original file. Name = Wrd Array(0) total = Workbooks("import-sheets.xlsm"). If you don't have any code, try writing some and then post back with that code and a description of what error messages etc you might be getting. Open(File Name:=My Path & "\" & str Filename) Set ws Src = wb Src.

If you have existing code which has problems, update your question to include it.

Type them up in Word, print them out and you're done!

How could we fill series numbers into a list of different size merged cells in Excel? After selecting the merged cells, and click OK, now, your selected merged cells have been filled with sequential numbers, see screenshot: Hi,was wondering if there is anyway to alter the code where the range value will increase by one e.g.

If so, could anyone suggest a way to write a Macro in Excel to automatically name the sheets, output the file and update it if changes are made to the data in the original files? ) is preventing you from doing what you want to do? If that doesn't work for you then you'd need to add more details on that.

Is it possible to achieve all of this with one macro? Close False str Filename = Dir() Loop The last part about updating the workbook if the source files change is potentially much more complex: the easiest approach would be to re-run the consolidation code.

Open(File Name:=My Path & "\" & str Filename) Set ws Src = wb Src.

I tried to edit the code below and include in the macro above, but while I didn't get an error message, it did not accomplish the task. Open (directory & file Name) Wrd Array() = Split(file Name, ".") For Each sheet In Workbooks(file Name). Worksheets(1) 'name the tab according to the file name ws Src.

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