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In this case, however, police got lucky: Ruelas was only 4 years old in 1969 and therefore couldn’t have killed Mixer.

Leiterman, on the other hand, was convicted of first-degree murder.

The lost correspondence of Francis Crick, who built the first three-dimensional model of DNA with his Cambridge colleague Jim Watson, was found mixed up with the personal archives of Sydney Brenner, a scientist who shared an office with Crick between 19.

Some of the most interesting letters are between Crick and Maurice Wilkins, who led a rival group of scientists at King's College London which was also trying to unlock the then-mysterious structure of DNA, which provided the groundwork for modern molecular biology.

In one letter in January 1953, just before the publication of the key scientific paper on the DNA double helix, Wilkins tries to explain to his friend Crick why he and Watson cannot come to Franklin's talk.

"I got a big notice saying it was internal only – just a discussion between colleagues who worked in the same lab," Wilkins wrote.

New DNA tests add to the body of research that only serves to highlight the strange, unexplained origins of the shroud.Historical record can place the shroud in the late 1300s.Scholars debate its existence previous to 1390, describing the period before that as “very murky territory.” Even during the middle ages there was disagreement over authenticity of the cloth, with written claims at the time between church officials suggesting it was a forgery.The cloth, a pale sheet of woven fabric approximately 14-feet (4.5 meters) –long, might be considered unremarkable save for the distinctive reddish-brown markings on its front and back.The image of a prone man with hands folded can be made out on the cloth, with both the front and back views of the head meeting neatly at the middle of the sheet, suggesting it was folded over the front and back of a naked body in death.

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