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One out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter but we will have a little bit more detail coming up later on.

The JMS Pedal MAX is going to appeal to the S197 and S550 owners out there looking to eliminate that annoying throttle lag that can sometimes be a little problematic with the newer drive by wire cars.

Now, this thing can be used with or without your favorite custom tune and JMS even claims a little bump in low-end power and torque.

But I don't want you guys to get hung up on power numbers because that's really not what the JMS is all about.

PS Some additional background information is contained in

t=2297945 and in Once you determine which graphics chip set you have you could look here to see if there's any helpful information: Driver.

Hey, everybody, I'm Justin with, and this is my detailed review of the JMS Pedal MAX throttle enhancement device available for your 2011 and newer GT V6 and Eco Boost Mustang.This seems to work okay, but I cannot load the modules because they seem to be missing dependencies: This completely puzzles me, all that I2C stuff that it appears to lack is already built-in in the kernel (because there's a bunch of I2C stuff in there already).Is this a known problem in the adv7511 driver, or is there something in my configuration missing?So with all that said, let's take a closer look at this product.Now the days of having a cable-controlled throttle body are unfortunately a thing of the past.

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