Amanda peet jack nicholson dating

There are plenty of emotions as Keaton cries for what seems like 5 straight minutes of screen time.Yet, there is no scene where one character tells off the other.Harry's current girlfriend, Marin (Amanda Peet), is the daughter of Keaton's Erica—who would barely penetrate his consciousness if she and her sister (Frances Mc Dormand) didn't bust in on the couple in the early stages of foreplay.The movie's sitcom premise is that Nicholson has a mild coronary while romancing Marin at her mother's East Hampton beach house: It's the mom who has to look after him when his cardiologist (Reeves) won't let him go back to Manhattan.The mother, Erica, is a divorced playwright who is content in her single life. From the very first moment these two actually talk to each other, it is clear that they belong together.In some scenes, they appear more like an old married couple than people who just met days earlier. Erica is ready for the commitment, but Harry is an old dog who isn't ready to learn a new trick.

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